Material & Care

The material of the jewelry will be stated in the product information. You may shop based on the materials you are looking for.

Care for Silver 

925 silver is made from the silver alloy blend, with 92.5% silver to 7.5% copper or other alloys. This harder version of pure silver is more suitable and durable for use in jewelry.

Simple ways can keep the items durable and care for the silver pieces:

  • Store your jewelry in a soft and dry place such as airtight box, our jewelry pouch and zip-bag
  • Avoid direct sunlight, perfume and chemicals
  • Avoid showering, swimming while wearing your jewelry
  • Use microfiber or jewelry cleaning cloth to polish the pieces gently
  • Clean after each use and make sure the jewelry is completely dry before storing

​For any other questions, please feel free to contact us.