Estimated Shipping Rates

SF Express estimated shipping cost and time:
(You may also refer to SF Express latest rate chart for reference)

Hong Kong
First 1kg: HK$30
2-5 business days

First 1kg: HK$34
2-5 business days

First 1kg: HK$43
3-7 business days

Mainland China*
First 1kg: HK$63
3-7 business days

Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea 
First 1kg: HK$120
3-7 business days


First 1kg: HK$189
3-7 business days

Indonesia, Myanmar, Cambodia
First 1kg: HK$148
3-7 business days

Mongolia, India
First 1kg: HK$238
3-7 business days

United States
First 1kg: HK$160
7-14 business days

*Please read the note for shipping from SF Express (e.g. Total value of the items must be less than RMB$800). You are responsible for any tax incurred in shipping and any delay in delivery due to insufficient details provided to us

Other regions
We will soon be able to ship to your country.