Can we wash our hands without removing our rings?

Can we wash our hands without removing our rings?

There are always rings or necklaces with meanings that we are not willing to remove (or just lazy to take off). So the question is, can we wash our hands or take shower with them?

The answer is yes and no.

Yes: As long as we dry our hands and products completely, it is fine. Your pieces will not turn dull that fast even if you wear them while washing your hands. You may look for materials such as stainless steel that are not easily tarnished. For products like Hearty Chain Necklace and Hearty Choker which are waterproof can be stayed with you while showering.

No: For the best practice, we recommend you take off any kind of jewelry, from fine ones to fashion accessories, before using soap or hand sanitizer. It is still best to keep the products away from chemicals and alcohol to keep the jewelry shiny for a longer time. As time passes, all jewelry will wear but we can prolong the life and bring back the sparkle of our favorite jewelry with proper care.

Some other tips for general jewelry care:

  • Take off the jewelry when you swim
  • Avoid chemicals such as hand cream and perfume
  • Keep the jewelry in air-tight bags or containers such as zip bags or MESCO pouches
  • Polish and clean the pieces with a soft cloth
  • Cleaning solution can be: warm water with mild and organic soap such as those for babies

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