Chain Necklace

5 Ways to Style a Chain Necklace

With all kinds of lengths and widths, chain link necklace has been an essential piece for the past years. It magically adorns all outfits for all occasions from minimalist everyday wear to night parties or meet-ups. All you need is to be inspired and choose your favorite pieces.


1. Chain necklace with T-shirts

The most inquired question is 'I like the necklace very much but I cannot think of how it can match with my existing clothes'. For most of us, T-shirts are a must-have item and sometimes we just want to add a touch of glamour to casual wear. As the line between street fashion and high fashion has been blurred thanks to the trendsetting luxury brands, it is more common to see fashionistas pairing bold and metallic jewelry pieces with their daily outfits.

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2. Choose your elements

As the core part of a necklace is the chain itself, the world of necklace becomes interesting thanks to different elements and combinations of styles. Whether you adore gemstones, or a mixture of small and large links, there is a piece of necklace that is ideal to add to your favorite staple collection.

For those who look for a fine and minimalist add-on, pick chains that have fewer and smaller links. To create a modern and vivid style, choose a semi-bold version or contemporary designs that play with gems.

Celeste Stone NecklaceKira Pendant Necklace


3. For sweat and beach time

Necklaces with a touch of gold can look great on you both during workouts and having fun on the beach. The options for styling do not stop because of hot summer and sweat. Believe it or not, you shine at the time you feel good when the necklace looks perfect with your bra top or bikini.

As it has become common to see style icons putting together smart, chic sports luxe outfits in daily life, make use of jewelry items to transform yoga wear into street clothes. Try styling yoga outfits with a shirt and modern necklace for a chic street-style look.

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4. From work to casual

Adding sparkle to your business attire has never been easier than with pendant and chain necklaces. Bringing out the brighter and stylish side does not affect your professionalism. Instead, you can always excel with confidence as you know you look amazing.

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From work to a relaxing dinner, the necklaces make the mode-switching easy as your outfit is already well-adorned. Necklace styles are not limited to just for work, rather you can nail the daily look such as a ribbed top with jeans.

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5. Layering and matching

To make a statement, other than putting on a bold necklace, try layering your necklaces to create a unique combination. To achieve a clean look, stick with wearing one piece of necklace and choose minimalist earrings and rings to complete the ensemble. As we always encourage, experimenting by mixing pieces in your jewelry box takes your style one step further.

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