3 Tips for Ring Stacking

3 Tips for Ring Stacking

During the mask-wearing days, it is totally fine not to put on makeup as no one will ever discover. But your hands or anything on your fingers communicate much more messages than they used to be. Seeing this positively, it is an era that accessories speak louder than your facial features. Time to add a personal touch to your look by exploring various ways of wearing rings.

Moving from choosing a standalone ring to creating your ring stacks is not as difficult as you imagined. Get styling with the tips and recommendations below which may give inspirations and basic ideas on how to stack rings effortlessly. But please remember there is no fix rule for stacking so it is all up to you.

Bold and/or dainty

A ring stack means you can play around with different styles or materials. Go straight and try out the pieces in your ring collection. Selecting all thinner or dainty styles may be safe while mixing with the statement or bold ones will be some styles which stand out to you. All in all, stacking becomes easier if you choose a central piece. For example, Textured Multi Band Ring is the focus. You may not want another statement ring to draw away the attention. Adding dainty chain rings may give a better balance to the stack.

In the shot: Textured Multi Band Ring, Dainty Chain Ring, Stackable Dainty Rings (Set)

Number and position of rings

Make yourself comfortable with the presence of rings. Begin the stacking with two rings and go up to three to five, or more. As commonly seen, fashion rings are on index and/or middle fingers but you can always wear the bands on the ring and pinky finger (and thumb as well!). Be experimental and it may turn out that putting rings on all your fingers is your favourite style.

In the shot: Moon Hug RingStackable Dainty Rings (Set)

Color tone

Though you can build your stack with different textures or stones, keeping the same basic color tone will make your look more cohesive. One easiest way is to choose the same metal e.g. select all rings that are in yellow gold, white gold or rose gold without mixing all colors up. For most occasions at or after work, a splash of gold or silver is appealing enough while adorning the subtle outfit.

In the shot: Flowing Ring, Textured Multi Band Ring

Small in its form, rings convey personalities and taste. With experiments with rings in all sorts of shapes and designs where amazing and personalized stacks are born from, stacking rings extends the edge of styling. Try out the suggested combinations or explore the ring collection here.