About Us

MESCO is an acronym for Minimalism, Eunoia, Simplicity, Confidence and Comfort. 

What we want to bring you

The devil is in the detail

Jewelry is small yet powerful, in the sense that it brightens up your clothes and it makes you feel more confident. That’s what MESCO Jewelry tries to achieve. We want you to wear our quality jewelry with pride and to feel empowered every time you step out of your doorstep, knowing that you can believe in yourself.

We hope to be present in moments when you shine, and we also hope to be there when you are commented on by people around. Because just like what Julia Roberts says in Eat, Pray, Love, don’t mind other people if you have a muffin top around your tummy. Just love yourself a little more and chin up, knowing that you are wearing our good-looking yet affordable MESCO Jewelry.